August 6, 2018

This last week we went up to Edinburgh for Scotland South Conference, which was good as it always is. There was a cool moment when people were being invited to share why they've stayed on a mission and I learned something I felt pretty cool there. One of the Assistants was sharing a story of his and I notice the I had been progressively feeling the spirit a bit differently while everyone else was sharing. I usually feel the spirit prompting, or guiding me but as I sat in the pew listening to people share their testimonies basically I felt what it's like to have your heart softened. Somewhere in the scriptures it say's "pricking of the heart". Something a long those lines but that's exactly what I felt. I really understood then what a convert needs to feel to know what they're doing is right. "A broken heart and contrite spirit" -D&C 20:37

Something funny that happened this last week lol. We were chapping and we asked this person if they wanted to learn more, they said "No, but the person next door might be. He is a priest." and she closed the door. We were like sweet lets go talk to this priest. We knock on his door and a man opens the door. We give him our schpiel and he says, "Oh, no thanks I'm not interested. My husband is a priest anyways so I think I'm saved." and he closed the door. Now I don't think I'm trying to make a crude gay joke here but I feel it's bit ironic to have met a priests husband.

Later dudes,

Elder Erik Orchard