June 27, 2017

So this past week has been super crazy, all of the Elders and Sisters are getting super close already. The spirit here is really strong and I always feel it just hanging around the MTC. Today was our p-day and we went into Chorley, which was really cool. We got fish and chips, and other things like toothpaste. The people here are way more polite than Americans and it makes me so happy that the people here have a genereal respect for each other. Also the food here is crazy good. Yorkshire pudding, croissants, fish and chips, etc. It's brilliant. So every morning me and like the majority of the other elders go play football in the morning and its an awesome stress reliever and it's a lot of fun because everyone knows how to play... and they dont suck. :)

June 22nd, Thursday

It's been one heck of a day. My flight landed in Manchester at 7am and I didn't get to see much land because the clouds here hang so low. When I got to the MTC though, I stunk really bad but I was really happy to be here. A few minutes later I got my name tags got to settle in in my room and sleep for the rest of the day. (President Bunker told me to do so). I met my companion, Elder Palmer (I wonder if that's a sign for school maybe) and he is a really nice guy. Super intelligent when it comes to scripture which helps a lot in classes and teaching lessons to investigators. It's not hard to adjust to the time schedule but I'm still a little out of it.

June 23rd, Friday

Today was my first actual day of classes and it was a little rough at first but I adjusted well. The other elders in my room are Elder Sisswick, and O'Connor. Sisswick is an Englishman and he is always getting asked about the country from us which I feel a little bad about cuz it's probably annoying. But we let him hate on America in return so it's all fine. Quite often we tease about the revolutionary war but its all jokes. "1812 Sisswick, 1812!!" Later that day we were playing basketball (it was too rainy for football) and O'Connor hurt a previous injury. So the four of us kinda lugged him back to the MTC and gave him a blessing which was such an amazing experience. There were things in that blessing that answered some questions and doubts that I think all of us had.

June 24th, Saturday

Today we're all getting to know our district a little bit better since we have a district leader now. My companion, Elder Palmer, but the other elders in our district provide a lot of really good insight in class so that's super helpful. Elder Wotherspoon (Missionary from New Zealand) got complimented by one of the teachers on how intelligent he was, and he turned around and said "Flatter is of the devil". I didn't think I could laugh so hard but I almost cried. Wotherspoon is hilarious to all and we all love him to death. I'm learning a ton and memorizing scripture. Something that Palmer mentioned to me is that I relate a lot of scripture into simple terms for investigators and that I am just really good at helping them understand whats being taught. At home when people told me that I was just like that, sorta like yeah I guess, but now I know. Especially because everyone here uses complicated words to teach and quite often it trips em' up. So that skill has come in really handy.

June 25th, Sunday

It was such a 'lax day today. We got to sleep in a little, go to church and not have any classes. We didnt get a devortion from a general authority but we got to watch a video from Elder Bednar about recognizing if we're feeling the spirit of if it's just our feelings. It was really good and there isnt a specific answer really but its important to live the gospel worthily and then all of our actions that are christlike will be able to affect everyone around us.

June 26th, Monday

Today was another long day, but the thought of P-day tomorrow is super exciting. Elder Palmer and I found a spot by the pond outside of the MTC that's away from everybody so we got a lot done there because we were able to focus on studying. President Bunker is a really nice guy and a brilliant man, he's very helpful when missionaries ask questions. But today we had a culture lesson about England and a lot of church history has actually taken place here. Not as much as America but still... a lot. At one point there were more members here than there were in America, which really surprised me.

Best of luck to all of you at home and I'm so happy to hear from you again!
Love you all,
Elder Erik Orchard