July 31, 2017

Oh man, I'm so sad I barely missed Chevelle. Sounds like it was a really good concert; however I think that Scotland is a little bit cooler. My foot is flippin' nasty haha. It doesn't hurt anymore, but it's going to have really rockin' scar there forever. Thank you for sending the package, I was hoping it wouldn't be expensive as crap, but I super grateful my parents are the coolest. The camping trip sounds like a lot of fun as well, it sounds like the weather cooled down a lot so that must've been really nice. The weather has been consistently sunny and rainy this week, I like it a lot actually. The football here is amazing. The other day we were walking down the street and some kids about Eli's age were playing. Needless to say it made for a great moment to play some finally, and when the parents saw some random people playing with their kids... Lets just say it made for a good moment to talk to them about the gospel. They weren't interested but it was awesome.

So a brief summary over this week, it has been an insanely good one. I baptised two people, set up a few appointments for this upcoming week, and we did some finding as well. I'm getting a bit better and more comfortable talking to random people, so that's pretty handy. Especially since we can only really chap in this area. Some funny stuff I found out this week though is that quite a few of the people that have gotten trained in Livingston go on to become AP's or crazy tons of baptisms. I have huge shoes to fill. Lets hope I can do it.

Another thing as well is that the Scotland/ Ireland mission is quite literally a LEGENDARY mission. Some reasons you ask? Elder Hollands son served here, Shawn Bradley's (NBA player, he's in Space Jam) daughter is serving in this mission. If you look up the piano guys, one of their kids is here right now as well. This is the highest baptising mission in the whole UK. David O. Mackay served here. There are tons of other reasons as well.

Wanna listen to some funny Mormon music?
Norman the Mormon- Diddly Wack Mack Mormon Daddy

A cool missionary song?
Before and After Mission Rap

Monday, 24th of July

Such a fun day. Elder Mueller and I just went into Edinburgh to do some shopping and check out some touristy stuff. I bought some stuff like a cricket bat, hoodie and other things also. The cricket bat is for people to sign at the flat when they get into the Livingston area.

Tuesday, 25th of July

We just did a bunch of chapping today. We also had a district meeting in the morning, and we had to role play explaining the holy ghost to an investigator. The person role playing was a sister, and she completely annihilated my confidence. It was freaking disgusting to say the least. It was basically like teaching someone that literally had no reason or interest in god, so there was no point in saying anything because she wasn't going to listen. But we finished the night with a dinner appointment at the bishops house and some more chapping.

Wednesday, 26th of July

Some more chapping in the morning. We brought a member with us so he could joint teach Robert with us. Robert showed up ridiculously early so that made things really hard, but it kind of worked out. He also had his baptismal interview and he passed. He's really excited for his baptism.

Thursday, 27th of July

Set up some appointments for this upcoming week today and did some stuff to prep for the baptism this Sunday as well. I got a bunch of music on a jump drive so at the flat I can plug my USB into our CD player and listen to music through that. I think what I'm going to do is put that music onto the ipod so it's a bit more portable throughout the flat. American styled clothing is so wack here. I'm definitely getting some english white shirts and shoes. My suits aren't actually all that bad so that's good. I also got some really nice football jerseys from someone for free. I got the England national team, Scotland national team, Manchester United, Brazil Ronaldo. They're friggin' sweet.

Friday, 28th of July

Had dinner with the Jack family tonight. They're an older retired couple but they're really nice people, and they fed us really well. It was literally a four course meal of all Scottish foods. I was also told today that I wouldn't need a brolly (umbrella) and that was a mistake to listen to. I got drenched later in the night. It's all good though, I had to learn from my mistake. I learned something else pretty important today as well. When people reject or criticize us, it's not because they see Elder Orchard and instantly say no because of that name. They reject us because they see the name Jesus Christ on the badge, when people aren't willing to talk to us or are rude to us it's because they're denying Jesus Christ. Not us.

Saturday, 29th of July

Chapping today and some other stuff. Gary's baptismal interview was today and he passed. It was nice to see the other Elders today as well. Both of them are really cool to talk to. Had a dinner appointment at the Pattersons tonight. It gets a little awkward because she is vegan because that's how she believes she should live the word of wisdom. Neither of us said anything because we didn't really know for sure, so we went home after did some studying and disproved that belief. Not to insult her, but it's because she is telling everyone else about it in the ward. And that's not good for new investigators to hear, and it's also teaching false doctrine in a sense. After dinner Elder Mueller and I practiced teaching the plan of salvation so that was really good for me.

Sunday, 30th of July

Holy damn today was good. Church was freaking solid, all of the talks were really good and the classes were good as well. After church though was when all of the REALLY good stuff started to happen. So Gary's and Robert's baptism happened and it was crazy good. Both of them were bouncing off of the walls to get dunked. Before I forget to mention it, Cat also got confirmed today. The baptism though, Robert had to get dunked twice and I messed up the prayer on Gary so I had to redo that. Something crazy happened too. President and Sister Donaldson came. Holy crap. Both of them are super cool and they were really happy for us and the work that we had been doing in Livingston. Today will definitely be a day I will never forget. Can't wait to keep dunkin' people. GET BAPTISED SON!!! It was good. :)

Elder Erik Orchard