September 25, 2017

Elder Crowley is really cool. His older brother actually served in the St. Louis mission! Whats even better is that he served in Fairview Heights. Yeah, what the heck! We've all met his older brother probably. Back to Elder Crowley though, he's from Utah but I wouldn't have guessed for the first bit of us meeting. I would say that I settled in pretty easily actually. At least it's easier than some other missionaries from my group that have already gone home. One sister from my group went home three days after the MTC and another person went home just a few weeks ago. The Lords got a plan for everyone, even if they go home early. I find it surprising that most missionaries don't understand that. A lot of Elders that I've talked to actually are really sour to missionaries that go home early. Even if it's for a good reason. That's fine though, everyone has their own problems I guess.

The weather here is perfect. It's my favorite type most days. Gloomy dark clouds and a cool breeze blowing around. Oh my heck its so good.

This last week was okay, we went into Edinburgh for exchanges on Tuesday and it was a ton of fun. I really hope I get to serve in some cities because I feel like I work my hardest in a city. Every time I've been on exchanges I set up a butt load of appointments and teach quite a few lessons as well. Anyways, I hung out with Elder Huang a lot. The Elder from Taiwan. We stayed up late on Tuesday night just talking, he's a legend. I actually got to try out a lot of his Taiwanese food he has with him, most of it was really good. Lots of salty seafood. Besides Tuesday night though the week was kind of bland.

Keep having fun and working hard

Elder Erik Orchard