October 9, 2017

I'll start with my new area first. So Cumbernauld is basically the Glasgow version of Livingston, it's basically the same but the accents are a bit thicker. I love the area, it's not as hard as my last because people here are a bit more polite. There's an eternigator (Eternal Investigator) here named John. He's a really nice guy that's about 70. He has us over for dinner almost every night of the week, he also fed me my first burns meal. Haggis, neaps and tatties. It was freaking good. He is a little... I don't really know how to put it. He's a free mason and he's found a bunch of anti mormon stuff online and he basically knows the entire endowment session even though he hasn't been baptized which can make things awkward sometimes. He'll reference things and try to catch us off guard which is pretty scary but besides that he's a really cool person. The ward here has about 20'ish people come to church every week which isn't that bad. The people are all really close so that keeps drama from happening. Besides John though there are only two families that feed us and both of the families I love so much. The first family I met on Thursday is the Blacks family. 3 Kids all young teenagerish age and the parents are super nice. The other family I ate with them last night and it was so much fun being with them. They have a daughter that's 15, and two sons that are 11 and five. The five year old is crazy he reminds me so much of Eli. He is so much fun. The entire family also shoots crap with each other over dinner. It felt like home away from home for a night. So that's the area... now for my companion.

Love you all and miss you lots.

Elder Erik Orchard