December 4, 2017

That one week it looked like I got punched in the eye

If you couldn't tell by the title it looked like I got punched in the face this week. My eye got super swollen and gross, I have no idea why. In all honesty I woke up one day and my eye kept getting more and more swollen until I popped it like the most disgusting zit of my entire life. So much puss. The pictures of it are pretty epic. So I called a doctor and didn't end up getting an appointment scheduled but it's pretty much gone now. Currently I just look like I have a black eye so on the streets when I need to appear manly I tell people someone punched me in the face rather than telling them I had eye cancer for a few days.

We did some cool stuff this week. We went down to the bottom of Ireland to Cork for exchanges with the Zone Lords (Zone Leaders... I call them zone lords because it bothers them hehe) and the city of Cork is pretty cool. It's honestly just another small Irish town with tons of people. I like Galway better but Cork is still cool. It's a nice 3 hour long bus ride on the way there and on the way back so we got some nice nap time in. Besides that we just talked to people in Galway which is becoming pretty hard right now because all of the university students we were teaching can't meet for the next week or two because of exams... then they all go back home. Hopefully we find a family though. The branch here really needs a family. The sisters here in Galway are Sister Osmond and Scheib I'm learning to like them a bit more. Yes, Sister Osmond is the granddaughter of one of the Osmonds from the singing group back in the day.

I'm emailing a bit later today because Elder Abel and I on one of our bike rides noticed an island a bit off of the harbor down in the bay. So we said "Hey, lets go to that island on Monday." and that's what we did. Today we went out during low tide and walked where the ocean usually is and we climbed this island to the top and saw some pretty beautiful stuff. There was so much green everywhere and the sun was perfectly out today with only some sprinkles of rain. Super pretty. Then afterwards we had lunch at a burrito bar, got groceries and came to email!

The package I got last week that I had to pay customs on was the most weird package of my life lol. It wasn't from you guys, someone sent me a $40 that doesn't even look good. It has no name or hint from anyone that might've sent it. The hell? It was pretty funny to laugh at though because its a tie that can be thrown in the wash and that's probably why its so darn expensive. Whatever though, cheers to the dude that sent it to me. I will get the package from you guys this week when I go to the mission conference on Friday in Dublin.

It's good to know that the doctrine of the church is true and pure. Sometimes people lose sight of that by only looking inwards.

I love you all family, I hope the house across the street keeps going well! Kids don't do nothing stupid, Santa is watching.

Love you Mom and Dad,

Elder Erik Orchard