January 8, 2018

Another crazy week

Well, I'm in a completely new city right now... but just for a few days. On Friday we got a call from the Zone Leaders in Cork saying that we needed to leave the Bed and Breakfast. We were like okay thats reasonable, the B&B is pretty expensive. Then the next thing he said blew my mind. " Elders you're going to come live with us in Cork for a week." So we packed up our stuff and moved down to Cork. It's pretty crazy down here. Something funny, the Elder I emailed before I came out here is my zone leader in Cork. So him and I hang out all of the time. And finally I've been able to work because the other Zone Leader is sick, so Elder Able stays with the ill missionary while Elder Gowens and I go find people. However we will be back in Galway sometime this week once we get a new flat.

Thats about all thats been going on. Love you,

Elder Erik Orchard