April 2, 2018

This week was REALLY good. Lots of really cool things happened, ranging from we got our phone back, we found another family, we went on exchanges, we hit a super hard tangy cheese doritos binge, had a really good family home evening.

Last Monday, we were able to get our phone back after losing it on the bus. We just had to go to the bus station to get it sometime during the day. I never actually thought I would be grateful for a brick phone haha.

Wednesday was probably the highlight of the week. We were about to leave to Kirckaldy when one of our investigators texted us asking if we could go teach her. Usually we aren't able to meet with her so we stayed in Perth to go teach her. When we got to her house she explained that we need to go teach her family. She walked with us to the other side of the city to her sisters flat and there we started teaching a really good lesson about The Restoration. Halfway through the lesson after I had just mentioned baptism as a part of Christ's doctrine, Rita (one of the new people we were teaching) stopped me and asked what baptism was. I explained and I could tell she felt the spirit strongly. I offered her and everyone else a baptismal date and they all accepted. It was a really good lesson. MY favorite part about it was that most of the people there didn't speak any English. There was a 13 year old girl that speaks both Romanian and English fluently and she translated the whole time, but once the spirit was felt strongly no one needed a translator anymore. They may not have understood my words but they understood what they were learning form the spirit. We finished the lesson late and we headed back to our flat for the night.

The next morning on Thursday we woke up early and got a train to Kirckaldy for exchanges for the day. I was with Elder Cosmas and overall my day with Elder Cosmas was really good I got to know him a lot better and understand a little bit more about him, he comes from a really different background than I do and it's fascinating to hear about the culture in Uganda. He is a really good man and we had a really good exchange.

Friday was a really rainy day so the finding wasn't all that great but we had a really good family home evening that night and we taught a bit more why there are so many different churches and how we can come to know which one holds all of Christ's Doctrine. It helped out a lot of our investigators to understand the Apostacy a bit more. We continued the night with fun games and getting to know each other better.

Funny thing from this week: Now I'm not really sure why were doing this because we will get fat from it, but we have been eating tons tangy cheese (nacho cheese) Doritos. We were walking through the grocery store and we found that the crisps were on sale for just a pound a bag. Se we bought like 10 bags of doritos and we have just been munching this week. We even got 2 jars of garlic and cheese dip. It's a lot of fun lol but it isn't the best idea haha!

Overall, it was a really good week!

Have a good week,

Elder Erik Orchard