April 16, 2018

We were able to teach a friend of our's by the name of Ian. He is this super crazy dude that's only a few years older than I am. He works in the city and passes out flyers for his job, and that is how we met him. He's a good chap, just a crazy party dude. Later in the week we taught Rita's family the plan of Salvation and it was to be quite frank purely simple. She understands the lessons 100% when the spirit is there and she instantly knew The Plan of Salvation is true. She just kept saying "buenu, buenu buenu" that's "good" in Romanian I'm pretty sure. At the end of the lesson we talked about temples and how we can help our ancestors make covenants with god after they have died in the spirit world. She really loved that idea but we had explained she couldn't go do their work until she was baptised and a member of the church. She seemed instantly motivated to be baptised and she asked if she could still go see a temple sometime. We told her the nearest one is near Manchester and she was like "That's perfect! I can so see and feel spirit very strong!" I thought it was funny. She wanted to go so bad.

On Saturday we got our moves call, and I was 100% sure I was going to stay for another transfer. But as usually I'm wrong about this stuff.

I'm now im Dumfries! I'm back pretty close to Edinburgh which makes me happy because it's by far my most favourite city in the mission. I'm also with Elder Stevenson for this transfer and I am loving life. He's from the St. Louis area, he's going to make work out with him in the mornings so I don't get fat, he's overall an absolute legend.

Love you all,

Elder Erik Orchard