April 30, 2018

Nothing much this week.

This week we got to do some fun stuff but not much happened in the area. There is a less active lady here that we are helping. She is the coolest. She orders us food from South Africa, and takes us out to lunch and dinner all of the time. In return we fellowship her. She is from South Africa and has moved around quite a bit of Scotland since she's been here (about 18 months). Avril also has a pretty rock solid testimony, but she is pretty busy as she works quite often. She is the coolest and an epic friend.

That pretty much sums up what happened in the work here though. Our teaching pool is empty and Scottish people are being Scottish... they aren't interested and they hate us. So we are going to try finding if some less active and part member families want to be taught or something like that. Hopefully that will do something because nothing else is working.

Have a great week!

Elder Erik Orchard