May 21, 2018

This week was pretty good. We traveled a good amount between Edinburgh and other places. Last Monday was definitely the highlight of the week though.

Our friend John took us to a place called Gray Mares Tail. it's a hike up a mountain and at the end of the trail is a really pretty Loch. The pictures are epic, but the view was much cooler. On the way up to the view my legs got so exhausted. The first bit of the trail was really steep and to be honest I was rushing to get that part over with. I regretted it. My legs were shaky and tired before we were even close to the top. When we got to the top we had a nice picnic made up of tuna fish sandwiches, apples, and candy. It was great. Then the way back down was really cool as well. Amazing view but the steps were really small and a little brittle so it was also a bit scary going down. We ended the night with a nice long bus ride to Edinburgh so we could spend the night with some other missionaries and go to conference the next day.

The Zone Conference that Tuesday was really good. The one thing that stood out to me the most was that everyone was really loving towards each other. Overall the environment of everyone's great attitude made it a memorable event.

A pretty cool kind of coincidence happened this week when we were going to KFC for lunch. We originally had plans to go to a friends to have lunch with them but they never showed up. Since we were pretty far away from our flat we just went to the nearest restaurant. As we walked in some lady waved me down and told me to come talk to her. So we chatted it up with her for a few minutes. Found out she was a member and some other stuff. Then she offered to buy us lunch! Sweet lady, and definitely a great miracle!

Elder Erik Orchard