June 25, 2018

well well well there were ups and downs for sure this week.

Last Tuesday we had our All Scotland conference and that's when it hit me I've been out for a year. A lot of my close mission friends gave their departing testimonies since they leave in just a week or two. We skyped Elder Bednar and had a Q&A with him and his wife and I learned just two things from it that will stick to me for a while. The first thing is to always to humble enough to ask someone else what they know. Whenever a question was asked Elder Bednar always asked his wife first if she wanted to answer the question before he did. I though that was pretty cool, you would think an Apostle of the Lord would know how to answer anything a dumb 20 year old kid would ask. He did know how to answer most things but he respected that his wife also may know more about something than he did. I though that was pretty neat. The next thing is to study the Book of Mormon with a topic in mind. Highlight, underline and write things in that book only about your topic. When you've finished write a one page paper on what you learned. Then do it again and compare how you've grown and what you have learned. I want to start doing that. I think it would be a really good way for me to track my progress and actually see how my testimony has changed.

When we got back from Zone conference I got pretty sick. I don't know what from but I think my body is pretty stressed out from working and traveling a ton.

Friday we went to the Martins for service and a BBQ. We moved wooden palettes all day which was pretty tiring but the barbeque lifted our spirits. There was a lot of meat. Chicken wings, steak, burgers, chicken, kabobs. It was all good. There was also a returned missionary there with us for dinner which I thought would be cool to see.

Sunday we went back to the Martins and we chilled there all day pretty much. We played phase 10 which was a blast and we had a chicken Korma that one of the twins made. Overall though this week wasn't too shabby I guess.

Love yah, catch yah around.

Elder Erik Orchard