August 13, 2018

I miss the good Orchard fall season [of sports]. Cuz at the end of it is winter and everyone buckles down for the season and tries to chillax.

Last Wednesday, we went to Edinburgh for exchanges and I had a really good time. Elder Thompson and I spent the entire day filling up and cleaning the baptismal font for the baptism the Zone Leaders were going to have that night. It was honestly a lot of fun. We filled it up halfway with cold and the other half with hot water hoping that we would get nice warm water. Nope when it finished it was boiling. Super hot, steam everywhere. Fortunately we had a couple hours until the occasion started so Elder Thompson and I went to the bathroom and filled a giant bucket of cold water from the sinks and dumped about 15 buckets into the font. It ended with a nice result, just what we were trying to get in the first place. Then we had the baptismal service and we GQ'ed for the few hours until the night ended.

We went to the Martins house on Friday and I had a blast there. I just split wood all day which felt SO NICE to do! We ended the night with a massive Barbeque, tons of meat. Pork steaks, steaks, burgers, sausages, porkback, lamb, wings, and potatoe salad :) I pretty much just chilled with Ben, one of the twins, for the whole night. We just talked about missions and dumb stuff we did in school.

Love yah,

Elder Erik Orchard