August 27, 2018

I got my moves call this last Saturday and I'm going up to Glasgow city. I couldn't be more excited to go there. It's going to be a blast with Elder Miao.

My last week in Dumfries could not have been better. We did our usual of lots of GQ'ing but we had nice cool weather this week and a lot of fun stuff happened in the town centre.

One of the days, I honestly can't remember when but we came into the town to start talking to people and working when we heard the sound of bagpipes. Which in Scotland that's normal but this was different. There were multiple bagpipes being played. So we went to go see what was going on and there was a bagpiping band playing right in the middle of the centre. I've never seen so many people in Dumfries before! It was so cool to watch, there must have been 15 or 20 people playing and they sounded really good.

The highlight of the week though was being able to teach a new person this week. He is a friend of one of the members here and he is just looking for something new. He seems to like it. Idk, I'm leaving now but Elder Barlow and his companion will do a really good job of sharing the gospel with him I'm sure.

Talk to yah later,

***** ADDENDUM *****

Well a massive emergency move happened and I'm going back to Ireland. Bye bye Glasgow :'(

I'm going to Limerick which is pretty nice cuz I'll probably head back to Galway for old times sake. I'll let yah know more about it on Monday. Love yah.

Elder Erik Orchard