September 10, 2018

I'd forgotten so much all that is good about Ireland since last leaving here. Now I'm back in action in Ireland eating Boojum, surrounded by better looking girls and doing God's work! Life is good.

Now that I'm in a nice big city again teaching people often and actually finding success exists. So we were able to teach some brazilians and an egyptian guy this week. All good lessons but none of them really want to meet again unfortunately. We'll get some more people though.

Elder Firstbrook is pretty dope. We laugh all the time and work hard. It might be the greatest combo of missionary work ever.

Last night the other Elders came over to spend the night and it was pretty fun. We have a pretty decent flat with a fireplace. So we burn tons of stuff in it. tissues, cardboard, basically anything that is spare. I know you're a firefighter so you might be worrying right now. But worry no longer. There is a little shovel that lets me control the fire :)

Have a great week, love you!

Elder Erik Orchard