October 8, 2018


I'm not getting too trunky but it is really cool to think that in 9 months I'll be with my family again haha.

I thought conference was okay. I really liked what President Nelson said about the name of the church. I get that it is a long name and that the Book of Mormon is what separates us but ultimately Jesus Christ himself named our church. We should probably call His church what He wants us to call it. About the revelations and stuff that is coming out, I kinda feel like a lot of stuff that President Nelson has added and changed was meant to happen when President Monson was alive cuz a lot of it has needed to happen for a while, 2 hours of church for instance.

This last week went by really fast. We worked fairly hard but not too exhausting. On Saturday I got my moves call. It's definitely the best moves call I will ever get in my mission. I'm back in Galway with Elder Firstbrook!!!

Right now I'm emailing in the car using the senior couples car as we're heading to a dinner appointment.

Since I'm back in Galway I'm really excited to be able to do a lot of work here that I didn't do when I was with Elder Abel. To be honest I will be probably be breaking my back like I haven't before here.

Love you,

Elder Erik Orchard