December 3, 2018

I really like what you said about being a follower as well as a leader. I even shared it with my Mission President in my email to him. Just this sentence: "Master the art of how to follow. Everyone wants to lead, but few know how. Nobody wants to follow, but only the one who's mastered how to follow AND lead will be the one who's called upon when needed. Prepare to be that person and people will know to call you when it's time to get stuff done."

We went to Cork for exchanges and they were pretty decent. I was with the leader of mine that I like more which was nice. It poured rain all day and no one was out so the finding stunk. We did teach teach some people though. We went to lunch with some girl from China that got baptised a few months ago. Then later in the day we taught (more like hung out with) the people that own the Elders flat. They run a real estate business of their own and they love the Elders. It's just 2 people; Fidelma a 40 year old Irish girl and Andy a 60 year old Irish man. Both of them are hilarious.

Once we got back we did our usual of hitting the streets and trying to find the elect. Nothing much happened.

I also found out my release date in June 10th btw.

Love yah :)

Elder Erik Orchard