December 17, 2018

Last Tuesday we were in Dublin for conference. It was one of the better conferences, the instructions given were short and to the point. Then after the morning instructions we had a nice lunch and because it's the Christmas season we relaxed and watched Incredibles 2. That's actually a super good movie! I loved the scene where Jak Jak beats up the racoon. Also at the conference Elder Crowley, Calley and Firstbrook gave their departing testimonies. Now all of my mission friends are starting to go home :(

We spent the night in Limerick so Wednesday morning we could have our interviews with President. Also during the week I had an infected tearduct. It looked weird and later in the week it started dripping blood and puss. I was kinda crying blood lol.

We were also told to ask the mission home if we could get a car or bikes. The old guy who manages that stuff told us to never ask again.

Saturday night the branch had a Christmas party that went really well. There was just tons of food and everyone gave us the leftovers. I will miss that when I'm not a missionary anymore.

Hope ye have a lovely week.

Love yah

Elder Erik Orchard