December 31, 2018

So much for going to a crappy area next transfer, I got moved to Dublin... as a Zone Leader.

My new companion is a little kid from Sao Paulo, Brazil. His name is Elder Valiati (Va-lee-ach) Like Elder Firstbrook I'll probably be Elder Valitati's last companion as well. He goes home in March. What's crazy is I think Dublin actually might be my last area. But Valitati is a really cool kid, before the mission he played semi-pro indoor and outdoor soccer. He's also served in Dublin his whole mission because there are tons of Brazilians there and he baptises the crap out of the place. It also helps that he speaks like 5 different languages. So hey hey! Hopefully I baptise more in the next few weeks!

Since Firstbrook went home on Thursday I've been in Cork since then just hanging out with the Elders in Cork. They're honestly all super cool so this weekends been a party. I'm also the oldest missionary out of everyone here in Cork so that's pretty weird to say.

I'm actually really excited to go to Dublin.

Since I'm a Zone Leader now I have to go to a meeting this Thursday in Edinburgh. The meeting is pretty much just about what we can do to improve the work in our zones. So I don't actually get to settle into my area until Friday night. So that kinda sucks.

I also have a car in my new area. I'm freaking pumped about that. I love driving over here, I feel so cool.

Love you a ton, Happy New Year!

Elder Erik Orchard