January 14, 2019

Dublin is not like any area I've ever served in as a missionary. Especially since serving with Elder Valiati.

Tuesday Elder Valiati and I held another meeting. This meeting was for the whole zone and we pretty much just presented and created some more plans for how we will baptize people this transfer. I feel it was successful, I've noticed since I've come here a lot of people are a lot more excited to work.

I can't really remember what we did after that. I've noticed that since being called as a zone leader, I've had a lot less time to write in my journal and to study so I've been trying to focus on that a bit more recently. We teach loads of lessons. Like 5 or 7 a day. However, most of them are in Portuguese so I sit there looking like a deer in headlights for a lot of the day.

On Thursday we had All Ireland and it was a good conference. President and his assistants really just talked about what we can do to make this year better than last. I also had my interview with President. During confernece I was looking around and I couldn't find many other people that'd been on their mission longer than I have. It was pretty weird actually, I even have old missionary thoughts sometimes like When I started my mission this never would have happened :(.

After conference we had another baptism. We baptized a girl named Marcella from Brazil. She's pretty cool and has a pretty outgoing personality so she is lots of fun to be around. She was being taught for a long time but made up her mind to get baptized on Monday night actually after Valiati and I had a really spiritual lesson with her. It was pretty much just resolving all of her concerns and promising her blessings.

On Church at Sunday we confirmed three of our friends and everything went well.

Love yah

Elder Erik Orchard