February 4, 2019

My toe's doing a lot better now. It was probably a good thing that you told the mission home. I called a day before and told them I didn't need to go to a doctor. Funny enough though last Monday we were in sligo and me and 3 other missionaries went on a hike. My toe was hurting a lot but the view was worth it. When I got to the doctor she was like wow that's pretty bad... here's some medicine. She just gave me some antibiotic stuff, but it's healing up nicely now.

This week we traveled so much. We went to Edinburgh for exchanges with the assistants and that was pretty good. It seems I found someone that is super solid and will probably get baptised. So that's pretty cool. I never thought that I would travel back forth from Edinburgh to other places so often ever in my life. It's pretty cool taking the plane over there.

We found and taught a little bit in our area, but not much. Thankfully this week we don't have any exchanges or anything... just pure good ol' hard missionary work for a week. I'm pretty excited.

I think in 2 weeks we are baptising again :D

There is some guy I met in the ward here his named is Brother Troy. He's from New Jersey and from the ghetto. While talking to him I felt like I was back in St. Louis! He's got a soul accent. He asked me where I was from and he was like "Oooohhh boy I love St. Louis! You like sports man? I love basketball, you know I almost made it to the pro's? Then I stubbed my finger and I couldn't play no more."

He invited me over for dinner and said he would make some chicken wings. I'm super pumped for it to happen.

Love yah

Elder Erik Orchard