February 18, 2019

Everything is good. Peterson is actually pretty cool. He's pretty nice and just wants the best for everyone.

This last week was pretty hectic. Tuesday afternoon Peterson and I had to drive to Belfast to catch a flight to Edinburgh for MLC. The drive was good. It was pretty funny when we got into Belfast the speed limit changed from Kilometers per hour to miles per hour, and unfortunately our car can't change between the two different measurements of speed. So we were just eyeballing how fast we should have been going haha.

The flight was pretty good, for some reason the mission home booked us nice plane tickets instead of crappy ones so we had a quick 30 minute flight to Edinburgh.

MLC was pretty good. Pretty much the whole time we were like have we actually made changes in the mission as leaders? Because in each zone the whole zone will do good one month and then crash the next. So we spent a lot of the meeting brainstorming how we were going to become more consistent and how we can change individual Elder and Sisters mission experience for the better. It was the best MLC I've been to.

We flew back to Belfast after MLC ended and then we spent the night in Belfast. Then for most of the day on Thursday we drove back to Cork from Belfast.

Once we got back we had the weekend to proselyte. We got an on the spot with some cool Japanese guy, and we taught a pertty cool guy from Taiwan.

That was pretty much our week, but in regards to the church announcement about skyping on Mondays, I probably won't skype like ever. I think the only time I will is when it's Mothers day so we can plan travel and crap.

Love youuuu

Elder Erik Orchard