November 27, 2017

So much has happened in the last seven days. Things really started to take off Thanksgiving day. A family in the branch that travels the world invited us over for dinner. You can find them on youtube, but I don't think we made it on their channel... yet. Knorpp and South is their channel. The ride there was epic. We got a lift from an investigator who is probably one of the most powerful men in Ireland. He's an attorney and everyone asks him for help with law stuff. So he picked us up in his tricked out BMW and drove us through some really pretty stuff in some pretty mountainy places in Ireland. super beautiful, unfortunately I didn't get any pictures. Look up Connemara and that's what we went through. The dinner was crazy, they have a bunch of kids and it honestly felt like I was hanging around a bunch of my cousins. It was a lot of fun being over there and we got fed really well. Saturday, we got filmed talking to people all day. There is a University student that has been filming a documentary on us for his class. It's a lot of fun and it can make for some pretty funny moments. So after being filmed for 5ish hours we had another thanksgiving dinner with the branch which was pretty cool. Then Sunday after church we finished documentary stuff by getting interviewed by the student after church. A lot of it was just questions about the church but some of it was really funny. That's kind of been it for this week. Elder Abel is pretty cool, he's excited to go home next transfer and it's looking like I'll be his last companion. The longer I've been out the shorter it feels like I'm away from home.

Elder Erik Orchard