November 20, 2017

Ireland is the best! There is still quite a bit of UK influence here like driving on the other side of the road, and small things like that but there is so much that is different here. In the Republic all of the street signs, store signs and everything here are written in two languages. Always Irish Gaelic first then English, it’s weird because Gaelic is pretty much a dead language even though they teach it in the schools here. The money is different, I use Euros now which is a little strange because I still have pound notes with me in case I go back to Scotland but it’s fun to compare the different notes and bills and stuff like that. Elder Able my new companion is so cool. He goes home next transfer and all of the time he’ll just be like oh man it’s crazy things are actually getting close to an end. It’s actually a lot of fun to talk about all of his stories and stuff he’s a pretty wise missionary. The food isn’t actually all that different besides they don’t eat haggis here. Tons of potatoes, veg and meat. Manly food. I love branch more than any other ward I’ve been to in my life. There are actually more people that come to church here every Sunday than there were in my last area which is kind of funny haha. It’s so good though, so many amazing recent converts and great people in it.

I’ll be able to upload some pictures later maybe, right now I’m emailing at a senior couples house on an iPad. It’s actually pretty weird to use one. I also get to see the beach every single day. The good ol’ Atlantic Ocean air fills me lungs every day. Along with the sounds of drunk University students every day and the waves beating on the shore. Tons of twenty year old partying all day fills my sight, oh my what a delight. Things couldn’t be better here in Ireland!

Love you all!

Elder Erik Orchard