August 20, 2018

Yo yo yo yo

Tuesday was a great day. For starters, for the first time in 14 months, I had the opportunity to drive. MAN it was good. The Zone Leaders came to Dumfries for District Meeting and I asked if I could drive us and the two other Elders to the church. They said yes. So all 6 of us crammed into a small car and I cruised to the church building for the first district meeting I was going to conduct in person. It even felt natural to drive on the other side since I've been here for so long. It was epic, I felt like a growned up man. The meeting went nicely. Nothing that I planned to talk about was talked about which always means it was a good District Meeting.

After the meeting the Zone Leaders left and the Dalkeith Elders stayed with us for the day so we could have exchanges. Being with Elder Arenas is always really good. He's so humble he's just such a good example. Unfortunately halway through the day he got pretty sick so we had to call it quits for the day. The elders spent the night at our flat and I woke up the next morning feeling pretty groggy as well. So they stayed an extra day lol. They left that night at 6 though which was good because I wanted some space in my own flat haha.

Yesterday I was asked to give an improv talk to open Sacrament. I enjoyed it, to be honest I just repeated a lot of your talk about service. The members enjoyed it because it wasn't just another missionary talking about how important being a missionary is. After church ended though we went to the Martins and chilled there for the day.

This morning our friend John took us to a Buddhist temple where I got some cool metal bracelet thing that supposedly helps bring good karma. It was actually pretty beautiful there.

Love you,

Elder Erik Orchard