March 18, 2019

Man this week was so freaking good. Mostly just Saturday and Sunday...

During the week we had just normal proselyting and stuff like that. I went on exchanges with an Elder that is way too good to be in the area he is in right now. But we had a good time.

I was also pretty sick on Wednesday, I just got a cold. My toe is also still retarted but it's slowly healing. I can't tell if it's still ingrown or if it's just infected. Regardless of whats going on with it though it still just bleeds all day but still isn't very painful.

Also, when I was in Dublin I forgot to charge my fitbit after a while and it died. When I recharged it, it lost its sync. I just resynced it so I'm happy :)

The rest of the day though was pretty good. A new AP got called, and I really like him, he's a good dude so he will do well. I also went on a hunt to try and find some nice white chinos. I went to Next, nothing there and it's kind of expensive. So I went to H&M, I found a nice pair of white slim trousers that fit me well. But they were 20 euros so I was like hmmmm... maybe if I swing this right I can get a few euros off. I go to the counter and I'm talking up the girl at the counter who didn't seem very happy. Just within talking for a minute or two I put a smile on her face and she seemed a bit more cheered up. She only made me pay 4 euro for the trousers :)

Then Elder Peterson and I went to the church filled the font, got everything ready and I baptised Lucas Rodrigues Ramos. He's a cool guy from Brazil. We met him on the street, got his phone number but never set an appointment to meet. A week or so later we sent him an invite to church. He came, reawlly liked it and we started teaching him from there on! He was super golden from start to finish. He even quit drinking coffee all on his own. I love that man.

Sunday he was confirmed in Portuguese by a member from Brazil as well. It also was St. Patty's day. We had to stop proselyting at 6 so we just spent the night at the flat in the city so we could see some St. Patty's action. It was pretty cool, but kind of crazy to see everyone already drunk by 7 or 8.

Today we are going to a cool castle :)

Love you.

Elder Erik Orchard