March 11, 2019

I have some good news though. I think you will really like it. I got a kilt. A member in Belfast called me a week or two ago and just said "Hello, I'm a member from Belfast, thank you for serving a mission. I understand that your mission is coming to an end! I've heard good things about you. Whats your waist size?" I told her and she told me that there would be a blackwatch kilt for me at the mission home in a week. I picked it up while I was on exchanges with the assistants.

The week was good, I was out of my area for pretty much all of it. Like I said I was in the burgh on exchanges with the assistants. It was alright, freezing cold and raining all day. I forgot how much harder the work is over in Scotland. People there need a scripture for every doctrine you teach or they don't believe it. A lot of people also bash the missionaries there.

Nothing much really happened over the course of the week though. This Saturday we are baptising a dude named Lucas. He's from Brazil. He was always solid but when we taugh thim the word of wisdom he was like oh crap I drink coffee. But he gave it up on his own no problem. Pretty surprising, but he is a tank.

Oh yeah, we had a pretty big miracle last night. A girl we are teaching wants us to teach her friends as well. One of her friends is sick so we made soup and got some 7up and brought it to her house. Turns out the girl we are teaching lives with her friends and a bunch of other people. They are also all Brazilian. So they were all loving it when Elder Peterson and I were using all of our Portuguese. They thought it was hilarious. We are teaching 11 more people this week now. :)

Elder Erik Orchard