August 7, 2017

Sounds like fun with everything at home starting up again. School, soccer and WoW :D. I remember the good ol' groove. Missionary work is way cool though, so I don't know which sounds more nice. Congrats on the 19th! Sounds like a nice night with apple pie. Randy told me he's been playing WoW. Sounds like he's having fun with that so that's really sweet to hear. Legion seemed like it would be a lot of fun to play, especially with Demon Hunters being so freaking overpowered. The ukulele sounds like a pretty sweet set-up, she should totally learn some Chevelle on that thing haha. Eli and Ember, go kick some butt in soccer!

I also got the package you sent to me! Thank you so much for that, we munched on the sour patch kids and the chips. I'm saving the oreos for now though. The backpack is flipping amazing, everything is so much easier with that thing. The letters were my favorite though. It's always nice to have something tangible like that from home.

I don't know if I feel bad for the Elders that ate at home or not... The one that didn't leave probably knew what was about to go down that night haha. Twinkie weiner sandwiches though. Ooh, that sounds so good right now.

So this week was a pretty good one I'm not going to lie. Tuesday we had Zone Conference so that was cool, I met tons of new Elders and ran into a few from the MTC as well. Friday night, I got kebabtised which was disgusting... but it's one of those missionary traditions in the SIM I guess. What's a kebabtism you ask? So a kebab is cooked on a rotisserie which is illegal in the states. Kebab's are also pretty much a delicacy here. So naturally, I had to eat a kebab, and afterwards, I had to CHUG a two liter bottle of Coke. Lets just say I did NOT feel good that night. Friday was also another day of splits in Edinburgh and I was with Elder Elton, our District Leader. He's a really cool guy, he's also one of the Chinese speaking missionaries here. So here goes the Weekly Journal updates.

31st of July, Monday

Kind of a sucky P-day. We didn't really do much. We didn't ever make it to Dixies funeral either because we got lost and we were really sweaty and disgusting. I did get some nice new shoes for 11 quid though so that was cool I guess.

1st of August, Tuesday

Pretty epic day. My first zone conference and I met tons of people. All of the new missionaries bore their testimony in front of everyone so that was a cool experience. So Zone Conference is basically a giant discussion where everyone just learns from our statistics and everyone elses input. I also got my package which was so nice. Everyone saw the size of it and they were just like "It's the Greenie package!"

2nd of August, Wednesday

Just a day of chapping. We never even really set any appointments which sucked. We did go to the McPhillips for dinner and they made us jambalaya and apple pie. It was amazing!!! We also talked quite a bit about what the ward could do to help out new converts so that was sweet.

3rd of August, Thursday

We had an appointment with Gary today and we met his mom, she's a nice lady but isn't all that interested unfortunately. Gary is really excited to go to the temple. We went into Edinburgh to spend the night in the Zone Leaders flat since we have splits tomorrow. We spent the night just screwing around and doing heathenish missionary things.

4th of August, Friday

Today was a long freaking day. I was a on splits with Elder Elton and he's super cool. We had a lesson with a guy from Mexico, and he was actually really interested so that was sweet. But besides that the whole day was just GQ'ing everywhere. We ended the night with my kebabtism and it was awful. I feel like I'm going to vomit now that I literally chugged two liters of coke. Why couldn't have I at least had a good soda like pepsi or something?

5th of August, Saturday

Dumb blister is keeping us from working tonight. I can't walk anywhere but I wanna work so bad. Since we ended the night an hour early I learned how to play the card game magic. We didn't really do much today though, we did 6 hours of chapping and not a single appointment was set. :(

6th of August, Sunday

Not a bad Sunday. Gary got confirmed but Robert never showed up so that was weird. After church we went to a YSA activity to have dinner and share a spiritual thought. Gary and Antony went so it was really good for them to meet some people there age, and to see that missionaries like to have fun as well.

Love all of you, and thank you all of your support and prayers. I wouldn't be where I am today without any of you.

Much Love,

Elder Erik Orchard