August 14, 2017

Dang, sound like tons of epic stuff is going on. That's way cool that you did a baby photoshoot. Elder Mueller and I found a Stonehenge and we took a bunch of pictures of us with it. Lizzy's going to be a stud on the Stake Youth Council. Eli, you're a legend, keep being a beast in soccer, and Ember stay the cutest. Dad, stay flippin' awesome and full of good advice, I love finding ways to relate the gospel to other things and you seriously have the best ways of relating things to each other that I find helping me when I think of things a lot.

This past week was a hard one, we went finding every single day for at least 7 hours. Our most was 8 hours and we're literally exhausted. But we did set up some appointments for this week so that's at least something different. Gary got the priesthood yesterday which was so cool, he's going to be a solid member. Robert got confirmed. Both of them really enjoy this church which is amazing and I'm very happy to be apart of their conversion.

I also met this member from Aberdeen this week. She's the nicest lady on the frikkin' planet. Aberdeen is where the really thick mumblish Scottish accents come from so it was insane to understand her. I hope I go to Aberdeen though because she takes really good care of her missionaries. That's why she came to Livingston so she could check up on Elder Mueller. The guy in Brave that no one understands thats an Aberdeen accent. The scene where they're all fighting and someone asks this guy what he thinks and he just sounds like a bunch of mumbling. He actually says "It's just not fair to be fighting over a girl, yah know?" Yep I understand what he says. Is that sad or just freakin epic?

7th of August, Monday

We just went to the town centre today. Didn't really do much but it was fun I guess. Livingston is pretty dang boring.

8th of August, Tuesday

Today we had a district meeting, and I was asked to give the spiritual thought, I thought I did awful. However, everyone really liked it so I guess I did good?

9th of August, Wednesday

7 hours of chapping. 7 hours of no getting any new investigators or setting up appointments. Bleh, today sucked.

10th of August, Thursday

Another day of just chapping all day. We were outside of someones house and they're window was open but they weren't coming to the door. So we just got one of our pass along cards and threw it through the window. We were walking away and we turned around and the window was shut then. Hopefully we just planted a seed?

11th of August, Friday

Today when we were chapping, we found a Stonehenge so we took a bunch of pictures of us. It was a nice little break from being bored to death and we got some sweet pictures. Elder Mueller is starting to get on my nerves a little bit.

12th of August, Saturday

Today there was a ward barbeque but then it got canceled. So instead we had 8 hours of chapping!!!! Oh my goodness so much fun, many wow! I'm really sore and probably going to fall asleep in like five seconds. Goodnight.

13th of August, Sunday

Solid Sunday and a nice break from all of the chapping. Gary got the priesthood and he is way excited to keep coming to church. We also set up a bunch of dinner appointments for this week so that was pretty epic. My head's hurt the whole day though. I don't know if I'm stressed... I don't think I am? Meh oh well.

Email me tons, and I'm excited to hear from all uh y'all again

Elder Erik Orchard