August 21, 2017

School is getting back into the groove here as well, which makes things nice because there are a lot of Neds and Chavs out quite a bit. Ned stands for Non Educated Delinquent. And a chav is basically the same thing. Pretty much just crappy kids. The schooling system here is really cool though, it's year round school and there is only school for like 3 or 4 hours. Every 4 or 5 weeks the kids get a break for a week or two. I think it's freaking genius.

So what pretty much happened this week was just insane amount of finding with little to no success! YAY! Hah, I only kid. It sucked. We had some fun when we were out. We found some fun stuff, like vodka and jack daniels bottles, a bee and a queen bee mating. We actually caught the bees in a vodka bottle, took them back to our flat and put them in the freezer. I know it sounds awful and we are probably going to hell for that, but it was cool to look at the frozen bees, cut there wings off and bring them back to life. Cuz when they were getting frozen they went into hibernation and when it got warm they woke up :). We were also doing some service at a members house and we ended up just having a bonfire kind of thing where we just threw a bunch of paper and cardboard into the fire and talked for a little bit. It good for all of us, she's been having a rough time and she got to relax a bit as did we. Fun stuff though!

I got my moves call! Some background info on transfers, a transfer is 6 weeks and at the end of each 6 weeks we get a call telling us if we're leaving or staying. I'm staying here in good ol' Livingston. However, Elder Mueller is going to Trilley, Ireland which means... I get a new companion! I met him once and he's a really cool guy so I'm excited to have him here with me. His name is Elder Crowley and that's all I pretty much know. He's also coming here from Ireland after training Elder Wotherspoon from my MTC group so that means Elder Wotherspoon and I are brothers and Elder Crowley is my mom.

Monday, 14th of August

Elder Mueller and I walked around Edingburgh a bunch today. We went to a card store and I got some Magic the Gathering cards. It's actually a pretty big thing for missionaries to get magic cards, so that's cool I guess.

Tuesday, 15th of August

District meeting this morning was pretty sweet. We predicted is we were going or staying this next transfer. They guessed I'm staying, I guess we'll just have to see.

Wednesday, 16th of August

Kind of a weird day? At like 2 in the morning we got a phone call. I just declined it and put the phone on silent. In the morning when I woke up I checked the phone and the it had nine missed calls and texts from a random number. They just said funny stuff like I love you baby and will you marry me? It was really creepy but it was hilarious I think he had the wrong number lol.

Thursday, 17th of August

We did some GQ'ing behind the centre to try and switch things up a little bit today, but it wasn't all that successful. We had a dinner appointment with the Jacks tonight, which means we needed to take a bus. Two tickets costs £8.60 and neither of us had enough money and there wasn't an ATM nearby. We looked all over our flat and found like £7. So we just said a prayer and left with what we had. When we got on the bus we told the driver what we had, and he let us pay with what we had and get our tickets. The power of prayer is a blessing and an amazing thing that we have and it's important we pray constantly. I also got a J-dub bible tonight. :)

Friday, 18th of August

Nothing much today. Just finding and no success.

Saturday, 19th of August

Moves call today! I get a new companion, Elder Crowley! I met him once, he's a cool guy. Super funny as well.

Sunday, 20th of August

Church was fun today, Elder Mueller said goodbyes to everyone and stuff like that. We had a dinner appointment with the bishops family which was pretty awesome. We were fed really well and we for a bit. We ended our night with a lesson with a member. She asked if she could take the discussions, so we talked about the Restoration. It ended being really spiritual and we all definitely learned something.

Stay awesome, keep emailing me, and stay safe

Elder Erik Orchard