August 28, 2017

This past week was definitely one to remember. Since having gotten a new companion; Elder Crowley, we've been getting creative and trying to switch things up here in Livingston. Trying out different ways of finding, contacting people, and different styles of teaching as well. Which is still good for me because I'm still a noob and have tons to learn.

Nothing super crazy happened this week but it was for sure a good one.

Monday, 21st of August

My last day with Elder Mueller was spent at the Centre before he goes off to Trilley, Ireland. I got my new companion Elder Crowley today, and from I have a good impression from him already.

Tuesday, 22nd of August

Good first day with Elder Crowley. He is an amazing missionary, very diligent in working and is a really good example to me. I'm really excited for this transfer, I can feel it's going to be an amazing one.

Wednesday, 23rd of August

Elder Crowley got sick this morning so we had to stay in today. So while he rested and got better I read a ton of scriptures. Half of Alma, and all of Helaman. My brain is super fuzzy. I also had a FAT nap today. Tomorrow will be a gooder day.

Thursday, 24th of August

GQ'ing (street contacting) is so much better than chapping. Rather than staying in Livingston we decided to go into the next town over where there are a bit of people always walking around. We talked to a few people and planted some seeds. Even though we didn't set any appointments or have any lessons I would still call today a success.

Friday, 25th of August

I got a new usb today and big surprise. It doesn't work with the DVD player we have. I'll probably find out whats wrong with it though. Elder Crowley is helping me become a better missionary by a million. We get along really well, work together well, and have some really great discussions about the gospel and missionary work.

Saturday, 26th of August

Just a long day of finding.

Sunday, 27th of August

Pretty solid Sunday. Church was good as usual. We set up some dinner appointments and other fun stuff. When we got home from church some random guy called us and was pretty much like can we have a lesson over dinner some time? FRICK YEAH YOU CAN! Elder Crowler and I are going to dunk some people this transfer, I can feel it. #blowupLivingston

Keep up the awesome stuff at home, and thank you for all of the support.

Elder Erik Orchard