September 4, 2017

This week was a fast week. Elder Crowley and I worked super hard, but nothing really came of it. We did have a lesson with a Muslim guy but he isn't whatsoever interested in converting. We pretty much met up with him for his entertainment which sucked but I got to learn a little about Muslims so it was a little cool I guess. We also met up with some people the have been investigating the church for a really long time. Both of them are going to be really hard people to work with but hopefully we can bring them into the waters of baptism.

We had an all Scotland conference this week and it was really good.Tons of insight and advice I'm definitely going to remember for the rest of my mission. Love changes you, discouragement weakens faith.

28th of August, Monday

Went to the centre and got a nice tartan blanket. Ramsey Blue, wool. It's super comfy. After that Elder Crowley and I came back to the flat and slept for 3 hours which was awesome. Then we had dinner with the bishops family and it was awesome.

29th of August, Tuesday

We forgot that there was no district meeting this morning because there was all Scotland this Thursday. So we went into Edinburgh for no reason in the mornin and missed out on all of our personal study :( It's whatever though, the day gets crazier. We met with a recent convert that's 11 years old. Her mom and her grandma are members but they're pretty less active. The family is a bit crazy. The grandpa literally sits on his butt all day and plays yugioh on his xbox one. He also literally screams at everyone in the house. Like dude, your house is a wreck and your family is gross. At least pick a good video game to play, otherwise, shut up please? Then we met the moms husband, and he quite literally has leprosy. He was the only one out of the entire family that wasn't crazy though so he pretty much revived the evening.

30th of August, Wednesday

We got to meet with Antony today. He has to wait to be baptized because of his parole but he is amazing. I've never had a bad experience with Antony. He is an all round really genuine person and understands the scriptures really well. Then we met with Robert which was interesting as usual. It's hard for him to not get off topic because he isn't all there.

31st of August, Thursday

Zone Conference was brilliant. During one of the instruction President had me stand up in front of EVERYONE and people had to basically instruct me how to remember our purpose as missionaries all of the time. I will always remember one Elder standing up and in tears told me that if I have a love of the gospel and for everyone I meet, I will stop at nothing to be the best missionary I can be.

1st of September, Friday

Great interview with President today. He expects a lot from me and I hope that I can live up to his expectations and the Lords as well. After interviews we went back to Livingston from Edinburgh and went to go burn stuff with a member. Which was way nice because we got to wear normal clothes.

2nd of September, Saturday

Bunch of finding today. We met with an interesting Muslim guy at a Japanese restaurant. I looked around and I was the only one using chopsticks lol. I thought that was a little funny considering I'm American and that kind of thing should be even more foreign to me than the people here who are honestly a bit more diverse than America even is. We didn't really make any progress with this guy though because he's set in his religion. We did get to talk and learn a little bit of Muslims as well.

3rd of September, Sunday

Great day to use the Priesthood. I got to confer the priesthood to Robert and ordain him a priest. I don't remember anything that I said but I do remember that the spirit completely taking over. Next, I got to anoint and consecrate oil for someone who needed a blessing at the end of the night. Again, completely spiritual. We did also have a lesson with Sandy who is a really great man. Extremely intelligent he is. Again though, crazy spiritual.

Stay amazing friends, family, etc.

Elder Erik Orchard