September 11, 2017

Pretty bland week.

4th of September, Monday

Chill P-day, we rode our bikes everywhere in the rain which was loads of fun until my tire popped and we couldn't fix it.

5th of September, Tuesday

First District meeting of the transfer today! It was fine but there is a new Elder coming in which is exciting. Went finding the whole day and nothing came of it. Which sucked.

6th of September, Wednesday

So much food today! Robert took us to a pizza hut buffet for lunch and I ate so much. Elder Crowley bet me I wouldn't eat 15 jalapeno slices, so I of course ate them. It was yummy. Then we had a dinner appointment with Sandy who is a really good chef.

8th of September, Friday

I bought Cardinals hat today at the Centre which was way cool.

9th of September, Saturday

Finally met someone interested today. He is a 15 year old kid that actually believes in God compared to everyone else we've met. Hopefully we can meet up with him.

Elder Erik Orchard