October 16, 2017

This week sounds like it went really well at home! This past week wasn't the best but it also wasn't horrible either.

Something that is pretty hard is that our eternigator John gave the Elders in Cumbernauld a bunch of anti literature a few months back. Since he's given the literature to the elders, he has wanted questions answered super bad and the missionaries before us haven't done anything about it. I see it as a golden opportunity to bring him closer to the gospel so I read like 20 pages of that garbage and just destroyed it with scriptures and doctrine. It was actually pretty fun I enjoyed it. I also got to bash a little bit with a Catholic person which was interesting. Catholics are freaking hard because the only ones that want to bash are the ones that have actually studied the bible. But because I've been studying quite a bit of the New and Old testament these past few weeks I was able to actually understand what to talk about. It's not that I like bashing with people, but I do enjoy talking about scriptures with people that actually know a bit about the subject. I never though I would say this... but I love reading the scriptures.

The good part now. My District leader Elder Stevenson is from St. Louis as well so us being the only two people from the area in this mission when we met we clicked. He's from Herculaneum which is pretty close to Festus. When we went on exchanges this past week we talked about everything from the greatest city ever. Imo's pizza, The Arch, Cardinals games, the girls at Cardinals games, the crazy humid weather. It was epic. We also took a bunch of pictures in my St. Louis stuff I have which was so much fun. We're called the St. Louis Sinners... I don't know why but it's freaking fun. He's been out for 16ish months so he's been here a lot longer than me.

There is much to look forward to in the next few weeks though. At the next missionary conference we have Elder Renlund is coming to talk to us. My speculation as to why? I'm not sure, but I'm hoping he's going to declare this a technology mission. I don't know why we would need an apostle to do that but there's always hope right? In the next few days I'll be going on exchanges with the Zone leaders in Glasgow which will be nice. I really want to talk to people on the streets rather than just chap doors all day.

It's great to hear that things are going well at home! Keep rockin' the Belleville while I'm gone!

Elder Erik Orchard