October 23, 2017

I'll start off with what I thought was the best. We had a lesson with an excommunicated member. Some background info about Gordon. He pulled his records out of the church five years ago and ever since he did that he has really strong spiritual promptings to come back to church. However because he has no trust in the Lord and no self confidence he has a really hard time consistently coming back. So we teach him to try and help nudge him back to church. We had a really good lesson, it was by far the best lesson Elder Calley and I have taught together, and the spirit was really strong there. He said he was going to come to church the next day. Great! He's coming to church we thought! Nope, he called up the next morning saying he didn't want to come anymore. Typical, but the lesson we taught was really good so I'm proud of that.

We had interviews with President on Wednesday which was a little funny. Usually the whole zone will meet him at the stake center and he interviews us all there. This time though he was surprising Elders randomly during the day and coming to their flats. So when we got a call from him saying "I'm at your flat come get your interview." We pooped ourselves a little. So when one Elder was getting interviewed, the other Elder was cleaning up the flat as fast as possible because Sister Donaldson was giving us a flat inspection. My interview was good, pretty laid back. Then because we didn't have a dinner appointment that night they took us out to a super freaking nice restaurant called Beef Eater. The place was posh (ritzy). It's pretty much the British version of an American steak house. It was a really good dinner we all got to know each other a bit better and it was just a little intimidating. And just a little means a lot lol.

Next, we had exchanges in Glasgow. I wish I was a city missionary, I would flapping find so many people. I taught four lessons there and one of them was an on the spot lesson with a girl from China. She's super cool, the lesson was like two hours and she is a golden investigator. She understands it all super easy. The other lessons we taught were pretty good, when we were out finding for like the one hour we had to find I set up a few appointments and gave someone a Book of Mormon and set up a lesson with him. It was a really good day, and I was with Elder Wang for the day. He's a convert from China and he is amazing. I learned some more Mandarin from him and I used a little bit of it in the lesson with the Chinese girl we taught. I'm okay if I can remember the phrase, Chinese people say I have good pronunciation but I think they're being nice because I'm a big American person haha.

We're from different, so it took longer than normal to find our groove, but I've learned to love Elder Calley to death!

Anyways, some of my thoughts right now are, holy crap Halloween is next week! I also hit my four month mark on Saturday so that's wild, it doesn't even feel like four months. I also had more haggis Sunday night. It was different though, instead of it being straight haggis, it was wrapped in pork and beef bacon. Super good oh my heck. We also had Chocolate Cheesecake. This was all at Johns house. Then after dinner we were just talking with him and he showed us a bunch of his free-mason stuff that he has. Rings, clothing, ceremonial stuff the use, it's freaking wild. Super cool though, I want a mason ring just because I think they look cool. Maybe he'll give me one of his 5 if I get really tight with him tehe.

Love you all so much, and thank you for the package!

Elder Erik Orchard