October 30, 2017

I met Elder Renlund of the twelve. He's a pretty cool guy, he gave us really good instruction on becoming better disciples of Christ. When I shook his hand he gave me some pretty good advice. "Share your light with others". Well crap, guess I gotta stop being gloomy. It was pretty epic though. The rest of the Scotland conference was kind of meh. The AP's showed everyone videos that were just put out by the church about missionaries using technology to teach people. Following the videos, they said "We don't need technology to do this." I kind of wanted to stand up and ask if we should draw a Skype call on a white sheet of paper and teach our stick figure friends, but I figured that would have been a little too much. Instead of going to Edinburgh for all Scotland this time, it was held in Dundee. Dundee is a super beautiful place, the river just north of Edinburgh can be seen from pretty much the whole city. The sunrise there is amazing, and when we were there the weather was actually pretty good. Nice and sunny. After Dundee conference we had a nice long train ride back to Glasgow. Once we got to Glasgow there were 6 Elders and a bunch of Sister missionaries. So we all went out for dinner to a cool restaurant that just opened called Smash Burger. Then we all went back to our flats and went to bed! Pretty nice day. Although everything after Elder Renlund left was about anti-technology it was a pretty relaxed and enjoyable day.

The weather here is getting much colder and we are seeing less and less sunlight. It's really cool, there's frost everywhere. Saturday night I was bored and I couldn't sleep. We had a container a family in the ward had let us use. They wanted it back. So I made a crap load of chocolate chip cookies and gave them to the McGregor family with their container. Cha-ching, instant family love Elder Orchard points! The McGregor family reminds me a lot of us at home actually. Everything from the crazy younger brother to the whole family just slagging and teasing each other all of the time. They're just missing an Ember, but they are the best, probably my favorite family I've met thus far on the mish.

That's about it to be honest. I peeled a Ranger football club sticker off of a light pole and taped it to the back of my planner. Which is pretty stupid of me in not going to lie because people stab each other here if you are a Rangers or a Celtic supporter. It's just a huge Scottish Football rivalry thing. It's in the newspapers and graffitied onto buildings and stuff everywhere here. It's so cool, I love the football atmosphere here. It's literally more than just a game. This morning there was a pretty cool sunrise so I took some cool pics of that. In the picture of my meal at smash burger I got some fried pickles and a jalapeno burger. It was freaking good.

Whelp, that was this week in a nutshell. Pretty chillax, I think later we are going to go bowling.

Love ya'll, stay epic

Elder Erik Orchard