November 6, 2017

This week was crazy! Scots are bloomin' crazy!

We got two nights off this week. First Halloween night which was super cool because we were on exchanges with the Elders in Airdie (the next town over) and we got to chill out for the night. We ordered Indian food and hung out. The next night we got off was last night. There is a holiday here called Guyfox. The English celebrate it because someone tried to blow up parliament and he didn't succeed. The Scottish celebrate it because he almost succeeded. What they do for the holiday everybody makes huge bonfires and shoot off tons of fireworks. It was crazy, it sounded like WW2 was going on outside. Huge fireworks, we didn't see any bonfires though but we saw somebody building one... out of doors, wooden palettes, and chairs! It was super cool. The fireworks started at about 5 and didn't really end until midnight. Pretty buck wild.

Today marks the last Monday of this Transfer! I don't think I will move this transfer, but I'm guessing Elder Calley will move. He thinks I will train, maybe but I don't really know. It's been a really good transfer though, tons of working on myself and improving certain things that I don't think I would have changed at home. It's been a good one for sure.

Keep takin' care of yerselves

Elder Erik Orchard