November 14, 2017

These past few days have been freaking insane. I'm no longer in the UK.

The Republic of Ireland here I am! If you look on a map of Ireland and see the city of Dublin on the far right in the middle. On the other side of the country from Dublin there is a city called Galway. I'm in Galway. Which is pretty crazy about a week before we got our moves call I literally predicted what would happen. I think it was just luck. Too good to be revelation. The travel was all day so that's why I'm sending mail a day later than I usually do. Ferry ride in the morning and buses all day in Ireland. Luckily it was timed just right and I was able to go straight to bed at about 9:30 when we got to our flat. My new companion is an absolute chiller. He is super cool. He goes home in a few months and its looking like I'm going to be his last companion. It has its pros and cons. He's super excited to go home so sometimes he gets distracted. Other times he's focused. Regardless, it's a ton of fun being with him. He speaks Mandarin, and he is from Oregon. He is a district leader right now but he's spent most of his mission being a Zone Leader. That's all I really know about the dude.

More crap happened this last week that was pretty... crazy might be the correct word? It has a lot to do with me being stupid actually. I cut my own hair. I had no money to get it cut, but I wanted to learn how to cut hair so I practiced on myself. Pretty stupid. It was super bad so I just buzzed it. My own dumb fault. I was a little sad to leave Cumbernauld because I became really close with the McGregor family. It was a little hard to leave them but the Lord needs me somewhere else. The night before moves call we got giant kebabs. I also have dandruff from hell. Shampoo here sucks. So I get special stuff to help out with it. It's helping a little bit. It shall die eventually.

Elder Erik Orchard