January 15, 2018

Now we are living with the senior couple in Galway.

So at All Ireland last Wednesday we had our interviews with President Donaldson. My interview was pretty interesting. President Donaldson was very blunt and told me to work my backside off and get teaching pool. Also, that he called the senior couple in Galway (Elder and Sister Handy) and asked of them to help us work. Which I didn't really think much about.

So Brother Handy is now doing his best to consult with us and help teach us how to grow the area. He is trying to help me and be kind.

This week we will have a new flat thankfully so that'll be a huge improvement. There is one thing though that keeps me going every day so far. Going into the city and buy a big fat burrito for lunch every day from a place called Boojum.

Love you all,

Elder Erik Orchard