May 28, 2018

We traveled the most this week out of this whole transfer. Last Monday we went to Edinburgh to spend the night so we could have District meeting the next day. District meeting was fine, afterwards we came back to Dumfries for the day which we didn't honestly get to do much because we were exhausted from hours and hours of travel.

Friday evening we went to Edinburgh to have dinner with a friend of Stevenson's. The next day we had exchanges and a concert to go to. That's right... a concert. It was a band called "Nashville Tribute". They were pretty good for a bunch of country singin' Mormons. There was a mixup later that night and the zone leaders left with all of our stuff. So these past few days we haven't had toothbrushes and some of our clothes. So that hasn't been fun.

Sunday was alright. We had ward conference and there were some good talks. My favorite was from the stake president, President Freid. I'll share with you a quote from it. "We learn to love each other because of our weaknesses." I think that is so true. We are able to fall in love because we have flaws. I think there is a song that mentions "All your perfect imperfections." Sound familiar? Well, it's just like that. Perfect imperfections make us lovable.

Have a great week!

Elder Erik Orchard