June 4, 2018

I'll start with last Monday. So we went to a castle that I is like an hour outside of Dumfries town. It's called Drumlanrig. It was pretty cool, lots of history and cool stuff inside. I swear everything inside the castle was worth at least a million pounds. We weren't allowed to take any pictures of the inside but it was really pretty inside. There are still people that own and live in the castle as well which is pretty cool. I'm pretty sure that they use the castle as their vacation home. Wouldn't that be nice?

Tuesday was awesome. We pretty much chilled out for the day for the big 19. After district meeting Stevenson took me to an Ice Cream place in Edinburgh and bought me ice cream. After a lot of travel back to our area we met up with Avril and she took us out to dinner at a really good Italian place. I had a gooseberry for the first time (at least I think). It was really good. My main course was a super good spaghetti.

Nothing much really happened until Saturday. In the town there was a massive protest going on. Everyone was carrying scottish flags, and screaming "WE WANT INDEPENDANCE" It was pretty cool actually. Everyone hates the English in Scotland which is pretty funny actually. I don't think they don't realize that the English actually help them out a lot. But whatever. Saturday morning we got a call from President Donaldson. So I got a new companion! Elder Baake, he is from Frankfurt Germany and also is pretty new on his mission. Elder Stevenson was sent to Northern Ireland for his last six weeks.

After church the next day we took pictures with the people Stevenson got close with here and then the next night we left to Edinurgh so he could leave and I could get my new comp.

Have a great week!

Elder Erik Orchard