July 2, 2018

Time is starting to go by faster. I don't even know what happened this last week to be honest. So I'll try my best to let you all know how things are going!

These last few weeks have been really hot and at first I was loving it. I'm starting to wish the sun would go away now. Wearing dress clothes all day in the heat isn't the most comfortable.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and skype wasn't working so we just did a phone call skype. It turned out being pretty good but I hope I don't have to do that again. Having to skype and trying to instruct on something is annoying, but trying to instruct on something when no one can see you can make things pretty interesting.

Also at church this last Sunday a random guy just came to church because it looked interesting. What a cool thing to happen! We are meeting him this Friday and hopefully some more will will start to move forward here in Dumfries!

Have a good week!

Elder Erik Orchard