July 9, 2018

This past week we were pretty much in Edinburgh ALL the time. We went on exhanges and then we had to go back for a baptismal interview that got cancelled once we got there. The exchange was good though. I was with Elder Gedlaman who is a nice guy. Overall though the day was good. I'm just instantly happier when I'm in Edinburgh. It's probably my favorite city on Earth.

Also, whie we were in Edinburgh I met the new mission president and all I can say is that he is a good man. He'll be really good for this mission. Later in the week when we went back to Edinburgh we were going to interview someone so they could be baptised but the person cancelled. So we were pretty upset so I just chilled and GQ'ed with Elder Brockbank who is a little bit of a younger missionary than I am.

That's me right now. The Dalkeith Elders are here so later we are going to go hike a mountain cuz they need to see something cool.

Love yah,

Elder Erik Orchard