July 16, 2018

This last Saturday Elder Baake got his moves call to go to Inverness. I'm staying with a new companion, Elder Barlow. He's from Taylorsville, Utah and has 16 brothers and sisters! 16. Absolutely massive. He's a really nice guy, good heart and smiles all the time.

Some funny stuff happened this last week. We bought 15 liters of Root Beer from Aldi, saw a little girl peeing in the street, saw a store in the town centre, had the cops called on us. It was fun!

When we were coming back from doing service at the Martins house they stopped at Aldi's gave us a £10 note and said buy all of the root beer you can get. We only spent £5.50 because we thought 15 bottles was enough for a family of four. We thought we were buying for them... nope when we got back in the car they said it was all for us. It was super cool of them to do. Then when we were going to back to our flat we drove by a little girl just taking a squat and peeing all over the street. I don't know why but we thought it was funny.

Saturday was the day when we saw a store in the centre on fire. It was pretty interesting to watch actually. But after standing for a minute or two some guy came up to us and said he'd called the police on us because he knew we started the fire. As he walked away he cussed us out. We thought it was funny but didn't really want to test if he actually called the police or not so we just left.

Have a good week!

Elder Erik Orchard