October 15, 2018

The Second Coming... of me!

This last week was so good! The work is on fire here, I've never been so busy my whole mission. This last week we taught like 10 lessons. We actually called someone and had to reschedule our lesson and had a hard time finding another time when we could meet. It felt so good having to do that. It was also so epic to see a lot of the members again. A ton is different since I was last here . The tiny little office space we meet in for church is packed nearly every Sunday now. A year ago it never got full like that. The whole branch presidency are also all Recent Converts. One of them was even baptised by the sisters when I was here with Abel. It's been really powerful to see how much the Lord has guided the branch here to growing. Soon enough Limerick District will be a Stake, and holy crap it's close.

Elder Erik Orchard