October 22, 2018

But last Monday we went to the Cliffs of Moher! They're beautiful. We went at the perfect time, amazing sunset and the water looked so blue. Different shades of blue as well it was cool. The shore was like a turquoise then it faded out into a dark blue the further out into the ocean it went.

During the week we were able to find and teach just a few more people. We've been finding a lot of French people so it's been cool to learn more about what France is like and say some fun random things in French haha. We also started teaching a really cool Irish dude named Brian. Itt was funny before we even met him he already wanted to be baptised and had even made his own baptismal date! But what's holding him back is that his wife isn't too keen on religion. He'll definitely get dunked though.

Yesterday I gave a talk in Church about Family History. Normally I don't mind giving talks... I actually really enjoy giving talks now. But dang that was the hardest talk I ever had to give. It was freaking hard to prepare a talk on Family History lol. I usually just spit a bunch of different scriptures out and expound but there are like 2 scriptures for geneology. So I actually had to study a lot for this one. It was really good for me, and in the end I didn't use the first two scriptures I found because I think they're crap haha. I also started The New Testament last week and I just finished Luke last night. Who knew I would ever like learning scriptures lol.

I love you, I miss you, have a good week!

Elder Erik Orchard