October 29, 2018

Last Tuesday we went to Dublin for All Ireland and I'll be real honest here. It wasn't all that good. I don't know if I'm just turning into an old missionary but I didn't like it very much. After conference though the senior couple that drove us to Dublin let me drive us back to Galway. It was amazing. Funny enough I haven't really driven much since being out here but since I've lived here for a while the opposite side of the road thing doesn't even phase me it just feels natural. But we had a nice 2 hour drive listening to Christmas music and talking about funny stories from home.

The next day we went to teach a friend of ours with some members and he's a really solid dude. He'll get baptised as well as some other people that we have been teaching. Get ready to see some baptism photos of us and Irish peoples in the next few weeks!

Saturday night we had a Halloween party with the branch here and it was a blast. We dressed up as missionaries ;) There was a hallway that we covered the walls and ceiling with black tarp and we hung up a blacklight across the ceiling. So all of the kids got to play with highlighters and cool neon colors in the hallway while we chilled and had some candy lol.

Sunday we got some pretty bad news that Elder and Sister Walker are getting e-moved because their visas expired. The Walkers are the senior couple here. Everyone was pretty shattered that they have to leave. I never though that in my whole life I would see an entire congregation of people weep together. It reminded me of the story of when Heber C Kimble and Orson Hyde went back to America from their mission in England and hundreds if not thousands of people went to go see them get back on the boat and pretty much everyone was super sad.

Love you

Elder Erik Orchard