November 5, 2018

So we had a good week I'm just disappointed in some of my teams for getting in the way of the work. I could go on but it's not really important. I feel like I can kinda say I think I know how you feel when one of your kids does something stupid and you're just disappointed in them. Not even angry or sad, just disappointed because you thought they knew better. But I'm also not a parent so I don't really know if it's the same feeling.

We had exchanges with the other Elders in the district this last week and it was okay. Firstbrook was with the Elder that is really cool, his name is Elder Garrick. I was with his companion Elder Derry who actually was in the MTC with me.

We had an epic lesson on Wednesday. We are teaching a members nephew here and we asked if he wanted to teach with us, he then said: "Sure I can do that! I'll even set up the lesson and bring him to the church." So we were like sweet that makes it easy for us. We texted him at the end of the night asking when the appointment was and he replied saying... "Hey boys yeah I'm bringing Daniel (his nephew), Brian (his best friend), and Arbi (a recent converts son in the branch)" Wednesday afternoon we taught all three The Gospel of Jesus Christ and set Daniel and Arbi to be baptised on the 17th, and Brian to be baptised on the 24th. We honestly didn't teach it really. We just started up a conversation and then Brother Casserly just testified to them for like 30 minutes and asked if they wanted to be dunked. Brother Caserly also only got baptised last July, then he baptised his wife in August. He's now our ward mission leader.

This last Sunday while listening to a testimony being borne I had a pretty good spiritual thought come to my mind. The Lord doesn't help his children equally, he helps his children with equity. I had another thought, and I don't know if this is necessarily spiritual or just my opinion but I really like the church in Europe a lot more than I like it in America. I just think it's inspiring that in a part of the world that is considered as a Post-Christianity society people still are able to find their testimony and grow it to be stronger.

Love you Dad

Elder Erik Orchard