November 12, 2018

Well I'm super sick. I know 100% this is from stress. Awful headache, puking, eye aches, chills, and I feel really week. Unfortunately I'm not even in Galway either. I'm in Cork because the Zone Leaders changed their minds where we were going to have exchanges. So I'm out of comission and I don't even have the stuff to take care of myself. My heartbeat is also consistently like 120 bpm as well. Last night I had a really bad fever which is gone for now. I'm pretty sure I can feel it coming back. I'm also probably sick because my boots aren't waterproof and it poured all day every day.

Well didn't teach anyone new this last week but we did teach all of our progressing people. We have a baptism this week, next week and the week after. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stay because Irelands pretty much on lockdown from the visa problem with missionaries. And if I get a call from President or the Assistants this Saturday I really just want to say no I'm not going to move. Also there are no trainees that are valid to come into Ireland until March. So craps going to go down.

Whelp I'm pretty miserable right now cuz I'm so exhausted. I'm just going to turn on some music and go to sleep while everyone else emails.

Sorry I'm super dead right now, Love you.

Elder Erik Orchard