November 19, 2018

Well 1 baptism down 4 more to go before the end of the year.

Saturday the Walkers flew into Ireland from Scotland for Arbis baptism. Since we don't have a font in Galway we have to go to Limerick for baptisms... unless we want to dunk someone in the ocean but it's not really the time of year for that. So the Walkers picked us up in a massive white van full of members from the branch and we went to Limerick. Arbi came seperately and was baptised at 12ish. It was a good service and afterwards everyone went to a fun place to eat called ramen. I had a nice noodle dish and afterwards I made a big ol ice cream cone for myself. We headed back to Galway at 4ish and after dropping everyone off at their homes we chilled with the Walkers at their flat with Arbi and his mom.

Sunday I confirmed Arbi a member :) it felt good.

We also got our moves call on Saturday and we are both staying. There were a lot of changes to my district though. I'm excited most about 2 moves, Sister Osmond is coming to Limerick with a trainee from Germany, and there is a Sister from Paris that's coming into my district as well. The sister from Paris has only been out like 4 months I think but she's an absolute missionary beast. This is going to be such a good transfer, and I get to skype you in a few weeks.

I love you have a good week

Elder Erik Orchard